Where to Begin with Mountain Biking Part 1

If you’re an adult, cycling is increasingly associated with commuting. A bicycle now is something you look at with dread. It makes you sweaty on your way to work, but saves you quite a bit of money on daily transportation, provided, of course, that you don’t die dodging buses and motorists that regard you as human only 12% of the time. It’s also seen to have the added benefit of fitness, and yet the misery of sitting in the rain at traffic lights in central london behind a diesel bus will offset whatever health benefits that may be gained.

Not all hope is lost however. You might have one of those co-workers that enthusiastically arrives at work on one of those bikes that fold in twenty nine places in order to fit in a shoe box. You might think they are a bit mad, but their attitude toward cycling may not be based on the commute; they might have a hobby that takes place far away from town and on a bicycle far different. Maybe they are a mountain biker. If they are, then you’re in luck. You see, the only person who consciously makes a decision to get into mountain biking on their own is a teenager who thinks mountain biking is cool. Working adults in the vast majority of cases get introduced to mountain biking through co-workers, who are infuriatingly friendly and offensively fit. Try to look past it and play along.

If you’re unsure whether it can be fun, just watch a few POV mountain biking videos. You’ll find that just watching them is exciting, let alone riding the trail yourself. What is more, it can become a family activity, and those are not to be scoffed at as they are becoming few and far between in this day and age. The main problems beginners have with mountain biking are the same as the problems all beginners have with everything – it’s daunting when you look at experienced people being good at it. But the process of getting good at mountain biking is not a grind. It is fun – this is the defining feature of this hobby (for you) or sport (for you in the future).

First, let’s go through the gear you’ll need. There is no strict rules about clothing as long as its comfortable, weather appropriate and isn’t so loose that will get caught in the chain or other components. Also, keep in mind that it is likely to get quite dirty, so perhaps don’t wear your favorite thing. You will also need a bicycle. As these instructions are aimed at beginners, you won’t need the latest in mountain biking innovation. It is recommended to get a used one for the best price you can find. The two most important things to remember here is to choose a bike of an appropriate size, and to make sure it is a mountain bike. Just because the frame is of the general mountain bike shape and has chunky tires, doesn’t mean it is a mountain bike. Make sure to research the model you are to buy online to make sure the manufacturer labels it as a mountain bike. Some more details about the bikes themselves will be discussed later.