This E-bike Looks Like a Bicycle

This E-bike Looks Like a Bicycle

Anyone who has bought an e-bike, a bicycle mounted with batteries, is usually proud of their new possession. However, now, a Polish manufacturer called Vekkit went a completely different way. The company had already brought a conversion kit for bicycles onto the market in the past, but nowadays the start-up is going one step further. The company recently presented two of its e-bike models, named “Mixte” and “Road”. These are simple bicycles made of steel frames.

The models are visually indistinguishable from any other bike, but they already come with an electric drive from the factory. These bikes look like a hip retro city bike, and you can’t tell that they also have motor assistance. Moreover, the wheels look great optically. The bikes look good with the minimalist design and comfortable handles as well as a spring-loaded saddle. Although despite their sleek design, technically the unusual e-bikes are not at the forefront.

Standard Coaster Brake System

Because the manufacturer also advertises the e-bikes as family-friendly, they have child seats and should be suitable for pulling a trailer, but the bike has a coaster brake as the only braking system. This is no longer up to date because affordable e-bikes usually have mechanical disc brakes. That guarantees safety and thus avoids any risks while driving. Manufacturer Velotton also offers rim brakes, but customers have to pay a surcharge of 35 Euros for them. Why the company did not include it in the standard equipment seems questionable. Safety should come first, especially when you are traveling with a trailer or with children.

Battery in a Plastic Basket

In conversion kits you usually find the battery stowed in a luggage rack or a handlebar bag. But Vekkit solved the battery placement differently. The manufacturer has opted for a plastic basket and placed it in front of the handlebars, which looks a little cheap. However, this can be removed with a few simple steps.

The battery is inside a protective cover. So, you can charge it quickly and easily at the nearest socket and have an e-bike that not everyone immediately recognizes as such. However, while the maintenance efforts appear to be low, if you are to tinker with your bike yourself, you could buy an old bike and convert it with a Vekkit motor, which saves you at least a few hundred Euros.

However, if you are not technically gifted, you can buy the new bikes from the manufacturer Vekkit, which are available in four color variations and two sizes. They are manufactured and assembled in Poland and then shipped to countries across Europe. E-bike fans have now found another affordable alternative when buying a new e-bike. The combination of bicycle and battery turns the traditional means of transport into a modern vehicle. These bikes come in really handy, especially in the city, when covering short distances quickly and cheaply.

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